Dear ACDS members and potential members,

With the start of a new year in this era of anxiety provoking hard news, we are reminded that we are blessed- and that we have a responsibility to preserve our blessings for future generations.  An early step in meeting that responsibility is taking care of yourself – “putting on your own oxygen mask first.”  Borrowing from wise and reliable advisors such as Bruce Perry and Alicia Lieberman, we find this list:

  • Breathe
  • Drink water
  • Eat well
  • Move
  • Sing
  • Meditate
  • Sleep
  • Be part of a community

If you can attend to these things, you will be preparing to support children and families in important ways.  You are not in this struggle alone!  ACDS provides you with a community that supports your efforts to take care of yourself and to care for others.  As you consider your resolutions for the New Year, do take this opportunity to renew your membership or to join ACDS for 2018.


ACDS is a unique community that includes people from a wide variety of disciplines – counselors, psychiatrists, educators, and therapists – with the common purpose of working for the benefit of families and children six years of age and younger.  Since 1983, ACDS has given these professionals the opportunity to network and exchange expertise with others. Bringing together those with a broad range of interests and expertise enhances each member’s knowledge base and ability to serve the whole child in the context of family and community. In a world that seems to be increasingly isolationist and disparate, ACDS provides monthly opportunities to connect both personally and professionally in a supportive community.  Membership will give you access to our ACDS website and to members’ contact information- a ready resource base of collegial information and expertise.

We look forward to another year of interesting, insightful meetings and the camaraderie of sharing our knowledge with one another. Please be part of this community-wide creation of collective wisdom that will help to reduce your personal anxiety, enrich both your personal and professional life, and enhance the nurturing of children and families.

With warmest wishes and great hope for the year ahead,
Gay Macdonald
Child Development Specialist, MA