February 2020

Dear ACDS members and potential members,

“How are you breathing each day? Who are you breathing with?” Valarie Kaur posed this question in her TED Talk about revolutionary love. “We need to be breathing together in order to be pushing together.” Let us unite our breath to push forward in creating a loving and compassionate world. The Association of Child Development Specialist (ACDS) unites you with a community of professionals who share a common purpose to better the lives of children and families.

ACDS is a unique community that includes people from a wide variety of disciplines – counselors, psychiatrists, educators, physicians and therapists. Since 1983, ACDS has given these professionals the opportunity to network and exchange knowledge with others. Bringing together those with a broad range of interests and expertise enhances each member’s ability to serve the whole child in the context of family and community. In a world that seems to be increasingly isolating and disparate, ACDS provides monthly opportunities to connect both personally and professionally in a supportive community.

I invite you to take this opportunity and renew your membership or to join ACDS for 2020.  Membership will give you access to our ACDS website and to members’ contact information- a ready resource base of collegial information and expertise. Your membership dues will help fund quality speakers for our annual brunch, sponsor monthly events with a light breakfast in a comfortable venue, run a website with available resources to our community, and foster a new generation of child development leaders.  You may send membership dues with a check payable to “ACDS,” or pay your dues via PayPal.

We look forward to another year of interesting, insightful meetings and the camaraderie of sharing our knowledge with one another. Please be part of this community-wide creation of collective wisdom to help enrich both your personal and professional life, and enhance the nurturing of children, families and colleagues.

“…the most important thing you can do is to pay everything that you’ve learned forward to the next generation to come. And that’s truly how you create something that lasts forever.” -Kobe Bryant

Let us breathe together to push forward for future generations.

With Love and Gratitude,
Nada Ghaneian
ACDS President
Early Childhood Education and Special Education, M.A.

Executive Committee
Officers: Nada Ghaneian President, Gay Macdonald, Vice-President,
Frances Barry, Treasurer, Karla Kuester and Alicia Murray, Secretary
Members: Edie Bartnof, Josh Carroll, Susan Gonzales Crandall,
Karen Dudley, Linda Glasser, Brianne Naiman, Mike Sherman
Executive Secretary: Pepper Starobin