About ACDS

Our Philosophy

Given that children are not born equal in physical endowment, social status, economic circumstances, exposure to a nurturing environment, or opportunities for success, the ACDS strives to assure that every child has continuity of access to the sources of support that make possible a sense of vigor, effectiveness and confidence throughout the growing years.

Association Objectives

  • To provide services to our membership such as educational meetings, networking, job referrals and resource materials.
  • To provide a resource to the public for development services.

Our Membership

The Association of Child Development Specialists represents a diversity of backgrounds and professions. Our membership includes teachers, therapists, consultants, researchers, and lobbyists working in a variety of settings: homes, schools, hospitals and clinics, public and private agencies – all with the goal of promoting children’s adaptive development.  Pediatricians, social workers, teachers, psychiatrists, hospital personnel, and legal representatives are making use of Child Development Specialists in ever-increasing numbers.  As a professional organization, we have already begun to make a difference in the lives of young children.

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