The Association of Child Development Specialists is a professional organization for those who foster the adaptive development of children through creative programming, preventive intervention, and public advocacy.

ACDS joins together Child Development professionals whose focus is to facilitate the adaptive development of children in the various environments that constitute their life experiences, including home, school, play, and therapeutic settings.  The Child Development Specialist represents a discipline that uses a psycho-educational approach to therapy encompassing both prevention and intervention.  This specialty includes evaluating a child’s developmental status, planning and coordinating an intervention program, providing direct counseling for children and their families, advising parents, and collaborating and consulting with other child service providers.

2018 Events

May 20, 2018 – Learning Stories: Building Learner Identity, Presented by Leslie Voss

A ‘Learning Story’ is a formative assessment framework that moves far beyond the traditional assessment method, affirming and empowering individuals as they build their personal identities as powerful learners. Studied and adapted internationally, this narrative assessment format, first developed in New Zealand, moves the educational focus from the successful acquisition of skills and abilities to ‘learning about learning’ and how to become our best ‘learning selves’.

Learning Stories have been exciting educators world-wide as they create an avenue for families, practitioners and children to contribute -and expand- their expertise and knowledge in the process of building strong learners and learning communities. Please join us for this introduction.

Leslie Voss, retired director of UC Santa Barbara Children’s Centers, has just returned from a study tour in New Zealand where the “learning stories” technique is used for gathering information and understanding children’s personal experiences. “Learning Stories” has been adopted in New Zealand’s

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